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When I let myself down

These past weeks have been intense and lonely to be honest. Way too little fun, too much of the kind of work that doesn’t light me up inside, too much time spent alone (with Andy abroad), almost no quality me-time, stuck in a rut taking care of the shelter’s animals morning and evening.

I ended up feeling tired, frustrated, lonely, disappointed with myself as I disregarded my body and mind. Which in turn made my self-esteem and consideration spiral downward.

That had to stop.

Sometimes it feels impossible to swim back to shore when you feel like you’re drowning. But you know what? It’s not always as hard as it seems. Your mind can be vicious and play tricks on you.

Sometimes all it takes are a couple of hours doing whatever you truly enjoy doing, by yourself or with others, not because you “should” or because it “would be good to”. But because you WANT TO.

So today I went to say hi to the Ocean. By myself, for 2-3 hours. Walking, contemplating, breathing it all in. Sipping a cuppa coffee while reading a book. Enjoying my company where I feel most at home.

So when you feel “bleh” and don’t do that thing you know would make you light up again, just GO DO IT.

Don’t put things off another day.

Don’t let yourself down.

Don’t cheat on you.

You’re really all you’ve got, you never know what tomorrow will bring. So live life fully as long as you can.


When you have your health you have 1000 dreams. When you don’t, you only have one.

Take care of yourself, Ana


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