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A serene mind, 
in a body filled with vitality

Come out of exhaustion

Relax and release tension

Boost your energy

Calm your mind

Restore your balance


Private coaching sessions

I come to your home or company for one-to-one sessions or small groups of up to 4 people.

I also offer private coaching sessions remotely, via Zoom.

Sessions last one hour and are tailored to each participant's level, age and possible health conditions.

Coaching sessions can focus on one or more of my specialities (yoga, pilates, relaxation, emotional release through the body, stress and anxiety management). We'll adapt the programme together, according to your needs, desires and goals.


  • 1 hour of individual or couple coaching: €40 excl. VAT

  • 1 hour mini-group coaching (3-5 people): €50 excl. VAT

Would you like to go further in your journey towards harmony and balance, in your personal or professional quest or your desire to find more meaning?

I can also provide life coaching sessions, using the body as a tool for emotional release and guidance.


Client testimonials


"Armonyah, Ana, what a discovery for me!
The sessions with Ana have enabled me to work on my "self-love", to feel my body's needs more clearly, to refocus on myself through restorative sessions (with no comparison to others!), to listen to myself during meditations and to follow my intuition, which became more perceptible through these moments of coming back to myself. There's so much more I could say... Thank you so much!
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