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Heal your sacred inner couple, your Yin & Yang balance

One of the things that has made me suffer most in my life has been the absolute imbalance between my Yin and Yang energies.

My burnout in 2017 came to embody this inner dysfunction deeply rooted in me: to 'be' someone, I had to 'do' as well and as much as possible. To 'deserve' love, I had to be an active, ambitious, strong, successful girl and woman, while being charming, discreet, kind... and so on.

So I played the role of the dynamic, restless, stressed, multi-tasking young woman for more than three decades, never really allowing myself to slow down (I think for fear of falling apart, because I knew full well that I wasn't living up to my deepest convictions).

I wasn't allowing myself to receive, to take the time to listen to myself, to look after my body consciously and gently, to re-harmonise my Yin and Yang energies.

Even today, almost a year after taking back 100% control of my time and having the choice of where I work, I find myself reproducing old patterns and preventing myself from bringing gentleness and comfort into my life - as if an invisible force were chaining me down and an inner voice was whispering to me that "work is something you do inside, sitting at a desk, to be productive"... "if you don't make the effort, you won't get any results".

On that note, I've just left my house to sit on the terrace, in the sun, while I write this newsletter... (just goes to show, you're also helping me to grow and take care of myself, day after day 😉 ) - Such an insignificant yet powerful act, because it makes all the difference, not only to my mental, physical and emotional balance, but also to (precisely! ) my productivity: and now the words are flowing again since I've allowed myself to settle into a place that nourishes me, soothes me, re-energises me.

Know that your body and mind are balanced when the 2 energies (Yin & Yang) are balanced. According to the Tao, there is a sense of balance between yin and yang, opposing but complementary energies that sustain everything in this world: one more active and emitting (Yang), the other more passive and receiving (Yin). All movement, all life, is the result of the inexorable transition from Yin to Yang, from Yang to Yin.

Nevertheless, our society cultivates masculine energy (whether we're male or female, I'm talking here about the Yin Yang couple within each of us), so we often feel out of balance without knowing why.

So if you too have a tendency to... :

✨ Operating under this belief that life has to be "hard" to "get there", that you have to be in the effort to get results

✨ Staying in action without allowing yourself to slow down

✨ Giving without allowing yourself to receive (and when you do receive - for example compliments or gifts - it makes you uncomfortable)

✨ Constantly turning to others, allowing yourself little space for self-expression and listening within (it may even make you uncomfortable to talk about yourself and open up to others, or to be alone in your own company)

✨ Letting yourself be overwhelmed by the injunctions of "always more", "always faster" and "always better", pushing you to perform in every sphere of your life...

... I've put together a sequence for you to regenerate, slow down and recover from this frantic pace, inviting you to slow down and relax your body and mind with a Yin Yoga practice.

It can be disconcerting at first, because in the stillness and slowness, you may find it much easier to observe yourself thinking. But with regularity, Yin Yoga is a real bubble of disconnection, allowing you to slow down and let go while reconnecting with your body, your breath, your sensations and your emotions.

This week's practice 🎥 (in French)


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