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Inner Wisdom
Exclusive retreat in a secluded gem on Europe's West Coast
~ Reserved for 3 women ~

For a life of Alignment and Light

Do you feel disconnected from your body, toughened up by stress and the daily grind?

Do you want to take some time for yourself but don't know where to start and feel guilty about resting?

Do you feel empty inside, as if you've lost yourself along the way?

Do you feel trapped in a life that doesn't fully match your values or aspirations?

Then it's time to take a break, put yourself first again and reconnect with your body, your anchor in turbulent times, your inner compass in moments of doubt, your source of comfort and love in moments of solitude. It is the portable, permanent and faithful source of wisdom, energy and spiritual connection that many of us have disconnected from, but without which we know how to live in harmony.

Rediscover your Essence

This ultra-private immersion on Portugal's beautiful Silver Coast is designed to help you reconnect with your true essence. We are souls enfleshed in a body, designed to live and experience in and from our bodies.

Embrace your body's wisdom, messages, power and resilience - it will show you your way.

Reconnecting with your body sensations will help you to:

  • Escape Permanent Overwhelm: Break free from the chains of perpetual overwhelm. Take a step back to restore balance in your life, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

  • Find Clarity and Purpose: Reconnecting with tour body helps you clarify your desires and your life’s vision for yourself. By tuning in, you will gain insights into what truly matters to you.

  • Experience Profound Inner Peace and Calm: Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery where inner peace and calm aren't just fleeting moments, but powerful catalysts that transform your perspective, revitalise your spirit, and guide you toward a life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

  • Release Tensions and welcome Emotions: Join a safe and nurturing space to release pent-up tensions, both physical and emotional. You'll discover a new lightness as you lift the weight from your shoulders.



Your Journey to Inner Harmony

Three Days to Reconnect with the Wisdom of Your Body: Through a carefully curated blend of movement, mindfulness, and body-centered practices, you'll awaken dormant senses and rekindle the forgotten connection with your physical being. Your body is a vessels of profound wisdom, a repository of unexplored potential, and a source of intuitive guidance. Let it guide you in making choices that align with your true desires and vision of life.


Three Days to Discover the Power of Your Breath: Your breath is your lifeline, the bridge between your body and mind, and a source of vitality that often goes untapped. Learn to harness its incredible potential through guided breathwork sessions and experience what a profound effects conscious breathing can have on your overall well-being.


Three Days of Transformation: These three days by the ocean offer a powerful opportunity to harmonise with the rhythms of nature, become aware of your own inner energy field and connect with the power of Life circulating within your cells.



On the first evening, we welcome you with an opening circle and a body-awareness practice to get you moving. The final day will come to an end after our brunch.

  • 8.30 am: Invigorating and energising infusion

  • 9-10.30am: Body awareness workshop (yoga and pilates to get the energy flowing)

  • 10.30am-1pm: Brunch & free time (access to sauna, indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi)

  • 1-2pm: Gentle bodywork / somatic exercises to release physical and emotional tension

  • 2.30-4.30 pm: Excursions (beach, medieval village of Óbidos...) with practices for connection to Self and Nature

  • 5-7.30pm: Light, healthy snack & free time (access to sauna, indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi) 

  • 7.30pm: Dinner

  • 9-10pm: Gentle floor practice (relaxation, breathwork, time for journalling and sharing...)

*This schedule is given as an indication only and may need to be adapted according to local requirements (e.g. weather, group excursion, etc.).

What you will experience & receive during this personalised immersion

Clarity and peace of mind

Clarity about your needs, your vision of life; greater awareness; more joy and lightness.

Private 1-1 coaching

A personalised one-to-one coaching session to take stock of your challenges, desires and objectives

Awareness & connection

A return to yourself through your body; a reconnection with your femininity, your intuition and your senses. An encounter with your pulsating, lively and vibrant body.

A logbook

A powerful tool for putting your feelings into words and reconnecting with what you experienced during this immersion.

Practical Tools

Exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine to get back in touch with your body when you feel restless, worried or blocked.

Unforgettable experiences

Activities in breathtaking hidden locations, places steeped in history and healing energy, and a few surprises ;)

Location & accomodation

You'll be staying on a charming private estate, in a villa reserved exclusively for the 3 retreat participants, with 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and two terraces - one overlooking the pool and the other overlooking the garden.


The villa is opposite the spa, which includes a heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and massage room (massage bookings available on request). 

It is located 10 km from the medieval town of Óbidos and Almaterra Conscious Resort, 20 km from the ocean and 75 km from Lisbon airport (50 min. drive).

Meals will be home-cooked by the host, using produce from the region and the orchard: quality, seasonal, light and healthy food to reconnect you with your Temple and the Earth.


Dates & Pricing

  • From Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 November

  • From Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 December

  • 1.444€ per participant (VAT incl.)

Practical Information

  • Check-in time after 3pm and check-out time before 3pm

  • Equipment required: everything is provided, except beach towels and your own reusable bottle / thermos to reduce plastic waste

What's included

The price includes: 

  • Full 3-day programme as above, including all coaching sessions and energetic healing treatments, as well as excursions, visits and hikes

  • A one-to-one coaching session with Ana per participant

  • Transfers from/to the airport and to/from the excursion sites (one transfer each way)

  • 3 nights accommodation in private double suites

  • Half board + healthy afternoon snack

  • Access to a private sauna, indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi (reserved for the retreat’s 3 participants)

  • Yoga mats and all the necessary equipment for the different practices throughout the retreat

The price does not include: 

  • Flights / Roundtrip

  • Travel, cancellation and liability insurance

  • Any private massage sessions (on-site massage room with massage therapist)

Book your spot now

Are you ready to embark on a wonderful journey to your inner self?

Join us on this Inner Wisdom retreat and embark on a transformational journey that will help you take back the wheel of your life, rekindle your joy and cultivate your inner harmony!

Your facilitator


Ana Gouveia

Of German-Portuguese origin, Ana embodies both the Portuguese gentle way of life and German rigour.

A ballerina from the age of 5 and a swing dance teacher alongside an international career as communications manager for major multinationals, it was after a burn-out and serious physical disorders that she turned to yoga, pilates, mindfulness and meditation after experiencing the powerful benefits of these practices for both the body and mind. 

It's on this path that she guides you towards greater self-love and serenity.

She is the founder of Armonyah, a school of inner harmony and self-awareness through the body.

General terms & conditions

Payment policy: 50% deposit to confirm booking (= €722). The balance is payable 15 days before arrival. To request an invoice, send an email to

Cancellation policy: 50% deposit non-refundable (but transferable to another retreat). Cancellation possible up to 30 days prior to arrival. After this period, no modifications nor cancellations will be allowed. In case of no-show, 100% of the reservation will be charged. 

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