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Armonyah, Ana, what a discovery !

The moments with Ana enable me to work on my 'self-love', to feel my body's needs more clearly, to refocus on myself through restorative sessions (without comparing myself to others!), to listen to myself during meditations and to follow my intuition, which become more perceptible through these moments of surrender and connection with myself.

There's so much more I could say...

Thank you so much!

Julie labeye.jpeg


After 2.5 weeks, my energy was back, and I had the smile and boost I'd been missing. 

I'm happy to follow you for this online program and to feed myself with this wonderful energy. 

Register now, there's no time to lose!

Woman Biking


I did the meditation last night - even with my husband, a first for him who is as nervous as can be! It did him good and he told me he slept well ☺️

For me, it was perfect. Your timing, your voice, the highs and lows. I felt the energies flowing through and my body warming up. 

It wasn't my first meditation, but yours really made an impact!

Témoignage Géraldine Armonyah


I attended the first retreat, "Respire" !

I didn't know what to expect, but I needed a break from my daily routine. And what a break it was! 

Activities in beautiful settings, places full of history and energy, flowers with amazing colors and magical encounters! 

Thank you

Témoignage Rachel Armonyah


I participated in the "Mind/Body Reset" program organized by Ana.

The yoga class was a beautiful discovery with both a sense of calmness and tonus in my body. Wonderful! 

The meditation sessions offered by Ana are simply incredible. 

Thank you for your authenticity and generosity Ana. 

Témoignage Pati Armonyah


I lead a stressful professional life and my mind is constantly under tension...

Ana teaches me to let go and she accompanies me in the discovery of new sensations: the relaxation of muscles, of the body and the disconnection of the mind.

Each coaching session with Ana is personalised. She offers me a break from my hectic daily routine and invites me to (re)settle down thanks to exercises focused on breathing. This bubble of well-being gives me a real sense of calm.

Femme avec pagaie


Hi Ana, 

Thank you so much for this morning's session... my back and neck have been blocked for 3 weeks and now I can finally feel the release of tension!

Thank you so much!

Danièle D.jpeg


Ana is a brilliant coach!

This young woman radiates kindness and light. 

Her sessions allow each of us to progress at our own pace and according to our own abilities. She's very attentive and doesn't hesitate to adapt the exercises to suit our level. 

The benefits of her sessions are felt every day!



I started taking pilates classes with Ana with the aim of getting back into exercise, but little by little I found that there was so much more to it than that. I also got a taste for yoga thanks to her. 

Ana is caring, gentle and listens to each and every one of her clients. 

A wonderful person who deserves to be known!



Ana welcomes you with generosity and simplicity. 

Everyone works at their own pace, while trying to push themselves and become more aware of their body. 

The tools she gives us can help us in our everyday lives. 

Her sessions are great for both body and mind. 

Thank you Ana 🙏🏻

Axelle D.jpeg


After years of shunning all physical activity, I discovered Ana's pilates classes after a long convalescence.

To the astonishment of absolutely everyone around me, who never thought they'd see me doing any kind of activity again, it's a real pleasure to go every week! 

A moment for myself, where I can breathe and take the time to release all the little tensions that have built up - what a pleasure, thank you Ana!



I've just finished the gratitude meditation session... I loved it, I cried, I experienced it...

Right up to the end, when I had the sensation of being illuminated by a glow, like a lantern or a candle... a light inside me...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ana for this wonderful journey that brings me back to myself 💓

Témoignage Martine Armonyah


I didn't expect this breakthrough. What a feeling of well-being when I leave Ana's pilates class, what an important moment for me every week !

Ana's words are simple but they touch me every time. I go there to take care of  my body and I leave with a heart filled of love.

Thank you Ana

Témoignage Johan Armonyah


I come from martial arts, and at the age of 41 I had slowed down my athletic life a bit.


I was struggling with flexibility and mobility, but after a few weeks with Ana, I regained them entirely. 

Even better: I gained strength thanks to the pilates class.

Témoignage Mélissa armonyah


I followed several classes given by Ana and I must admit that I had a hard time choosing :-) All of them are different, complementary and given by such a passionate soul!

Ana transmits her passion for yoga with a lot of kindness and knows how to adapt the exercises to the level of each student so that we can all enjoy the class without getting hurt, whilst exploring our own limits.

Témoignage Julie Armonyah


No matter how much we look for moments to disconnect, they are often interrupted by a call or an urgent thing to do. We often end up never stopping at all. Putting down our mental load for a moment and not thinking about anything seems complicated, almost impossible. And yet, thanks to Ana, it is possible.


A yoga session with Ana centers you on yourself and allows you to take a well-deserved break. Focused on your breathing, focused on the contractions of your muscles, on their oxygenation, you forget everything, only the present moment matters. Guided by Ana, you leave the class with a smile on your face, refreshed and serene, ready to get back to your daily routine.

Témoignage Annick Armonyah


I am no stranger to yoga, as I do my own little daily session. With Ana, I let myself be guided by her suggestions and her voice.


I appreciate that the sessions are different with an evolution in the exercises and their difficulty by varying the poses.

The need to take care of one's body and mind is essential for our balance, but even more so in this anxiety-inducing context of the pandemic.

Relaxation, coupled with physical exercise and Ana's smile, are the perfect combination!

Témoignage Anne Armonyah


I am 66 years old and like many women I suffer from arthritis in my back.


One year ago I met Ana who offered a yoga class specifically for back pain. I tried it and immediately felt an improvement.

Since then, I have been practicing yoga twice a week with Ana and my back and joints are better.


But more than that, the breathing exercises relax me and give me a new breath. 

I feel so much better in my skin!

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