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Coronavirus, a blessing in disguise

To me, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real gift. Admittedly, a gift badly wrapped. But that doesn’t make it less of a gift to those who see it as such and who are ready to start unwrapping it.

When this pandemic is over and our lives settle into new space, we will all look back at this time and either be proud of ourselves and how we advanced our lives or wish we did more with the time we were given through our quarantined, self-isolated experience. ⁣

The question is: How are you using this moment in time? ⁣What are you doing with this time that is being handed to you on a silver platter?

This is a time of self-care, healing, introspection, sorting, sifting, cultivating what works and permanently deleting what doesn’t. A time of adding novelty to those lives that have been reduced to thoughtless, automated routines.

This is a time to return to what matters most, to distill our most fundamental and non-negotiable personal values, to get cristal clear on what lights our inner fire, sparks creativity and inspiration. A time to reflect on our place in this world, the meaning we want our lives to have and the legacy we want to leave behind when we die.

This is a time of disruption, a time to set new rules and define our own terms in this game we play called “life”. A time to get rooted in our personal truth and beliefs in the midst of global uncertainty. A time to grow and cultivate our inner roots to protect us from future outer storms.

A time to cultivate and focus on positive spiritual nourishment, blocking out the fear and anxiety brought to us by the media. A time to raise our personal vibration to combat global negativity. A time for lightworkers to shine extra bright in the face of darkness to help ease the world through this transition, to bring healing and keep peace.

A time to realise we are more than individuals, we are a global community whose lived are entwined, co-dependent and stronger together. A time to truly acknowledge the personal investment and effort provided by so many of us who quietly work in the shadows to serve humanity, day in day out.

A time to be humbled by and grateful for our planet’s resilience, patience and boundless beauty. A time to acknowledge the harm we have inflicted this Earth we live on and the consequences of our daily habits upon global pollution and destruction. A time to cease superfluous consumption and return to what is essential, reevaluating how we spend our money and what it is we are running after in this self-inflicted race that is stressing us instead of advancing us. Is life a stationary treadmill or a forward-moving journey of constant flow and change?

All these answers lie within you and only you. The time is now.


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