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Cours collectifs Armonyah

Regular classes

As you have been able to discover over the course of these pages, my practice and my accompaniments relate as much to the physical body as to the mind, as much to strength as to flexibility, as much to movement as to rest, because the true well-being is found in the balance of any universal duality.This is why I offer different courses, all complementary. 

I make it a point of honor that group lessons remain accessible to everyone (groups of max. 15 people so that I can follow all the participants), in a family and relaxed atmosphere. 

Over the years, my research and experiences have also focused on nutrition, breathing, mental calming, listening to oneself. These axes can be part of a private accompaniment to help you regain your serenity and your well-being.

Want to chat, get to know me before you hire? Give me a call and I'll be happy to help you with your personal search.



Body Sculpt / Pilates


Yoga Relaxation

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morning flow


yoga vinyasa flow


Body Sculpt / Pilates

Description: a gentle bodybuilding workout for those who wish to sculpt their figure in a gentle and lasting way. A practice without shocks / jumps or sudden movements, but laborious and extremely complete which works the body as a whole. Inspired by the Pilates method, we work on the floor, on a mat (without accessories or machines) with a particular focus on the abdominal belt.

Benefits: promotes a flat stomach, relieves chronic back pain, increases muscle strength without creating excessive muscle mass, strengthens balance, corrects posture, improves flexibility, ...


  • Level 1: Tuesday 7 p.m.+ Thursday 7 p.m.

For those who join us, who wish to appropriate or recall the principles of Pilates, or who wish to resume a gentle and in-depth bodybuilding training

  • Level 2: Monday 7 p.m.

For those who feel comfortable in level 1, who already have a good foundation in Pilates or good body control, who want to challenge themselves or simply strengthen their muscles and their cardiovascular and respiratory capacity in a more sustained way

Body Sculpt

YOGA Relaxation
(Tuesday 8:15 p.m.)

Description: a gentle yoga class with multiple benefits! Inspired by a mix of yoga nidra and yin yoga, this class takes place mainly on the floor and mostly in lying postures to promote deep relaxation. The opportunity to breathe and allow yourself a break to the rhythm of slow and deep breaths, promoting stretching, letting go and relaxation.


Benefits: reduces anxiety and stress, muscle tension, insomnia problems, relaxes and balances the body, lubricates the joints, promotes relaxation and letting go. This practice also works on the fascias (connective tissues) and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for regulating our heart rate and our digestion). Ideal for optimizing the recovery and performance of runners!

Yoga détente Armonyah
Yoga du sommeil
Yoga du matin Armonyah

morning flow
(Wednesday 9:30 a.m.)

Description: traditionally, yoga is practiced in the morning to put the body in motion gently, and to get in good mental condition to start the new day. A course for those who wish to maintain their mobility, their flexibility, and their joint health, with particular attention paid to the back.

Benefits: the postures help the body to wake up gently and to circulate the energy; breathing exercises help clarify your ideas; the combination of the two promotes a serene anchoring allowing you to accomplish your projects and face the challenges that may come your way on this new day.

Yoga du matin

YOGA vinyasa flow
(Thursday 8:15 p.m.)

Description: the most fun of yoga! :) For those looking for a tonic and fluid yoga to strengthen the muscles at the same time as working on flexibility, without ever having a routine. A softer, freer and more accessible version of the traditional ashtanga, more or less dynamic depending on my mood and your form of the day. A complete workout, accessible to all.

Benefits: tones the muscles, frees the mind, improves balance, learns to initiate and harmonize movements through breathing (= the basis of yoga), to become aware of your body alignment and your inner feelings.

Yoga vinyasa Armonyah
Yoga vinyasa flow


Single lessons: 15€

10 class card(valid for 12 weeks) : €110

The 10 class membership card is valid for 12 weeks (3 months), which means that there are 2 "jokers" included in your subscription. ARMONYAH reserves the right to use one of these 2 jokers when organizing retreats / workshops in Portugal (all participants will be notified in advance of the date). The other joker will be used for you, in case of impediment or illness.

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