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“Creative living beyond Fear” – personal takeaways

Dernière mise à jour : 23 juil. 2022

One of the books I recently read while travelling in Mexico was Elizabeth Gilbert’s « Big Magic ». It had been on my wish list for a long time, but somehow I’d never gotten to reading it. Now I know why: the perfect timing was here and now. I now understand why this book (as all books by Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my all-time favorite authors) has been so widely acclaimed. It definitely blew my mind at a time when I needed to read those lines the most. These are my main take-aways, the gems I want to hold on to. Might they resonate with some of you out there! But more than anything, I am writing these down so as to immortalise them, engrave them in my brain and body and store them in my safe haven, a place I know I can easily access for future reference or as a kick in the butt 😉 Sorry, they might not make much sense taken out of context (and I’ve added personal notes as well, so these should not be taken as literal quotes), but as I said, it’s mostly a note to self… 💁🏼 +++ Take the pressure off (performing)! * Your art doesn’t have to pay the bills (and there is no shame in having a day job, just like Elizabeth had for many years). * Just do it, live your art, regardless of the outcome, just for the sake of it. For the beauty. For the fun. * You don’t need validation from the outside. Be a happy nobody (eg. John Lennon who said « we were just a band »).

We all have hidden treasures waiting to be revealed. We all are creative. The universe buries jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt, the process: that is life’s purpose, to me (Ana). * Be courageous to live creatively * Choose curiosity over fear * Choose to feel alive. Say YES to life! * Shut up that voice in your head with all the fears and excuses (battle your demons instead of your gifts) * Stop playing small: fear is boring

The beauty / magic of inspiration * That feeling… choose it! * Be open You are entitled to try * Give yourself permission * Leave the safe shore for the unknown ocean vastness and let life surprise you. Do it FOR YOU vs. for others / to help * Helping gets heavy and joyless. It weighs you down. * Your own pleasure is what matters most, and there is nothing selfish about that! Don’t think of your art / passion as a burden, think of it as a « sexy affair ». Make out with it whenever you can ❤️ Let go of your fantasy of perfection * It’s a hamster wheel that will run you to death. * Perfection is just a high-end, haute-couture version of fear. * Just friggin’ get it out there and get on with your life, onto new, fun creations * Stop being your own worst critic!!

Keep sane. Don’t eat the couch * Actively create to refrain from destroying something. * Creating is something that makes us forget ourselves and everything around us. It relieves us from all burdens. It is truly magic 🧞‍♀️ * To me, this feeling comes mostly when I am writing & reading ✨

Passion vs. Curiosity * Curiosity = the secret! * Question: is there anything you’re even a tiny bit interested in? Anything? Even a tiny bit? No matter how mundane or small? * You might spend your whole life following curiosity and have absolutely nothing to show for it other than a super rich and splendid life. Not bad, eh?! * Say YES! ❤️


How do you feel when reading this? Any creative hunch whispering inside of you, waiting to be heard and brought to life…? 😉 You’ve got what it takes, trust me! We all do. It’s just a matter of balls, really… 🤷🏼‍♀️😅 Love, Ana


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