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Your emotions invite you to move !

We are energy, and energy is movement.

We all know that feeling, when our mood just plummets out of nowhere. Or when we’re suddenly hit with a wave of anger or anxiety. These are our emotions, and they can seem to have a life of their own sometimes.

But what are emotions really? According to science, they are literally “energy-in-motion”. They are there to make us move, to make us react. They are like sparks, helping us move forward, or sometimes slowing us down. Most importantly, if we learn to “go with our emotional flow”, they can help us heal !

Our emotions are created by the chemical reactions that happen in our brains. These chemicals cause physical changes in our bodies, which we experience as feelings.

So next time you’re feeling down, or angry, or anxious, remember that it’s just energy in motion. It will pass. And in the meantime, try to ride the wave !

The problem is when we find ways to block the energy from moving through our body… and end up storing emotions in our cells. Some ways that we learn to bypass our emotions include dissociating, addiction, perfectionism, judging ourselves and being critical of others. Eventually, unprocessed emotions start showing up as physical symptoms or ailments.

Many of us have been conditioned through childhood experience to run away from feeling our feelings. Even more so as an adult, there is often little to no room to express the range of emotions we feel (especially in professional environments), so we default to expressing our emotions in ways the people around us are more comfortable with.

In my personal case, this included people pleasing, self-abandonment and suppressing my reactions to avoid conflict or criticism. Ultimately I felt depleted, exhausted and angry. The real depth of my emotions became stuck in my body and began to make me sick.

Feeling our feelings fully, the pleasant and unpleasant ones, is one of the most potent paths to healing. When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully, they can move through us and be released. This is why it’s so important to not bottle up our emotions.

Embodying our emotions is a critical practice for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and balance.

The next time you’re feeling any kind of emotion, allow yourself to fully feel it, and see if you can release it afterwards. You might be surprised at how much better you feel once you’ve let go of that emotional energy.

May you begin to make friends with your feelings and reclaim power over your own well-being 💗

You were never meant to just survive, you were meant to feel fully and beautifully alive.

Experience what it feels like to shift your energy, feel light and free in your body and in your mind ; What it feels like to release pent-up tension and emotions, letting go of the need to control, plan and organise.

Allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you and gift yourself the freedom to truly live 🦋

This week’s practice is a way for you to come back into our body, allow emotions to move through you and process feelings out of your nervous system.

Gift yourself these 15 minutes and allow yourself to circulate your energy from head to toe, reconnecting with yourself and your beautiful body.

Happy releasing 🕊️


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