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Your body reflects who you ARE, not what you DO

Most people with chronic health problems think it's their symptoms that make them unhappy.

While chronic health problems are very difficult to live with and do affect the quality of our lives, this is not the whole picture or an absolute truth.

The truth is that your dis-ease and mental and emotional distress actually create your symptoms, and when you experience your symptoms, you experience even more dis-ease and mental and emotional distress, and you're caught in a loop - a loop known as "chronic health problems".

Are the health problems at the root of the dis-ease and mental and emotional distress, or is the mental and emotional distress at the root of the symptoms?

Both may be true when you already have chronic health problems, but when you take a closer look at why they developed in the first place... almost all existing chronic health problems are caused or aggravated by mental and emotional distress.

A lot of research suggests that people with repressed emotions, unresolved trauma, low self-esteem or low energy states, etc. are much more prone to chronic health problems.

My life changed when I realised that it wasn't my chronic health problems that were making me unhappy, but that it was my unhappiness that was causing my chronic health problems, and that I could finally get to the root of the problem and do the deep work I needed to heal.

⚠️ Your diet, exercise, supplements, gut-healing protocols, detoxes and purges won't heal you ⚠️

The actions you take don't necessarily lead to healing; in fact, your body is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE, not just what you DO. If you don't heal, it's because you continue to BE the same person who made you sick in the first place.

Let me explain 👇🏻

Your body reflects your state of mind. Your thoughts and emotions shape this state of mind. When you focus solely on healing, your body manifests the state of a person who is not well. You're sending a message to your nervous system that you're "not well" - that there's a gap to be bridged between where you are and where you want to be. Focusing on this gap creates stress in your body, activating the alert signal in your nervous system (which then stays in "survival" mode to protect you because it feels threatened).

If you have chronic health problems and your nervous system won't heal, it's because you're too much in your HEAD and DOING and not enough in your BEING and BODY.

Your body reflects your state of being, and when your thoughts and emotions are filled with hurt, fear, anger, sadness and shame, your body will reflect this discomfort.

The key to your healing lies in training yourself to think less and feel more. To do less and allow yourself to be more.

As you work deeper and begin to heal your internal environment, this is what your body will begin to reflect: true healing and liberation from your chronic symptoms.


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