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Yoga, my guide home

I spent most of my life trying to please everyone around me, make them proud, make them happy, reassure them. I chased dreams that weren’t mine for the same reason, and even though they weren’t a good fit, I pushed myself hard to not only accomplish them but excel every step of the way.

But along that way I lost something essential: myself. At one point, after all those years pushing and controlling and performing and acting strong… I collapsed. My body just could’t handle the pressure any longer, the constant effort of keeping it together while feeling utterly out of place - like a round peg in a square hole.

It was then that yoga made its way into my life. It goes without saying that the performer in me started off practicing power yoga and intense workouts to prove myself I was capable and strong 💪🏼 But along these 7 amazing years of constant discovery and evolution, I gradually switched to more peaceful, calm and restorative practices, also using pilates to build deep core strength.

Turning from cardio/fitness/dance to low-impact mind-body workouts made me realise just how much I used to use sports to NUMB my feelings and my body. After which yoga and pilates showed me how to come ALIVE again 🦋

I discovered the joy and wonder of FEELING all the feels, of finding what is right for me, of moving FOR ME (without seeking to please or perform or prove anything to anyone - not even to myself).

I slowly discovered what does me good, what kind of movement I like and dislike, what I need at certain times of the day. I learned to listen to my body and work with it instead of against it. I started to befriend my body as my strongest ally instead of an enemy or a stranger in the mirror I felt uncomfortable looking at.

Little by little, as I grew more confident through my body, it then started guiding me down my own path - the one that FEELS GOOD TO ME. And I started exploring that new path (despite all the fears and doubts), because deep down I knew I had now learned to listen within and follow my own voice 🤍

And once you know what it feels like and the joy it can bring to be fully yourself, completely embodied and present and alive in the here and now - then there is no going back 🌈


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