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True emotional release happens through the body

Until I was in my thirties I was totally part of the "harder, better, stronger, faster" team, constantly pushing my limits and looking for challenges - both professional and personal. This mindset was so much a part of my life from an early age that I didn't realise it was leading me straight to exhaustion.

By always wanting to surpass myself, to impress others, to prove myself, to live up to or even exceed expectations, to constantly improve... I've done myself a lot of harm. And above all, I lost myself along the way...

I was looking for intensity in everything I did, everything I experienced. And when there wasn't any, I created it. My parents (and later my husband) often called me 'Drama Queen', and rightly so: as soon as the weather got too calm, I looked for difficulty, stress and worries. I created problems where none existed!

A life without pressure and friction, without 'problems' to solve, without difficulties, without constant effort... didn't exist in my world. So when doctors and shrinks tell you 'it's stress, Madam' - what do you do about it? It's all very well to advise you to 'slow down', but without that, what's life like?

For a long time I was stuck in this straitjacket of beliefs in auto-pilot mode, from which I only managed to extricate myself once I really FELT and EXPERIENCED the benefits of a gentler rhythm, more respectful of my body and its needs. As long as it all remained mental ("I should relax, do yoga", "it would be nice if I practised meditation"...) nothing moved inside me and I had no motivation. It was all cerebral.

It was only when I went through the BODY and my cells that everything started to happen, that everything fell into place. Everything really does go through the body. As Hippocrates said, vis medicatrix naturae: the body contains within itself the power to rebalance and heal itself.

Today, after almost 8 marvellous years of practising and teaching gentle body-mind disciplines such as pilates and yoga, which have become my daily personal medicine (both for my body and my mind) and my indispensable partners in my everyday life, I'm still peeling the onion and discovering with both wonder and a touch of disappointment (I may do yoga, but I'm still a human being with an ego ; ) the extent to which certain patterns or traumas remain deeply rooted in our cells if we don't release them in a targeted way.

Our bodies speak and express what our minds repress. We all have one or other physical 'challenge' that seems to persist over time:

✨ Difficulty losing (or gaining) weight

✨ Inflammations

✨ Bad mood / lack of energy

✨ Difficulty concentrating / mental fog

✨ Headaches / migraines

✨ Stomach ache / intestinal problems

✨ Insomnia / sleep problems

✨ Anxiety and depression

✨ Chronic muscular tension

When our self-defence systems are repeatedly or chronically engaged, our bodies can become stuck in certain maladaptive states, such as "fight-flight-freeze", which can lead to a series of persistent symptoms.

As I delve deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of mind-body connections, I'm now experiencing the benefits of body liberation practices for myself: for the first time in 38 years (and in just 18 days to be exact), thanks to a practice of gentle, targeted movements, I've managed to put on weight (1kg thank you very much!) 🎉

My body was so knotted and contracted by this state of permanent stress and tension (even when there was absolutely no 'observable' external trigger that could set off this response in me...: it had become my modus operandi) that I couldn't manage to put on any weight.

I can't wait to start sharing all this with you. See you in the Facebook group "Femmes Incarnées" (French-speaking group) to continue exploring this fabulous world of BODY WISDOM together 🤍

In the meantime, I'm sharing a guided meditation to relax your body and your mind (in French, sorry) - ideal if you're having trouble sleeping, or relaxing in general.



Cover photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


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