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This unknown feeling of safety and release

When you begin your journey of healing and releasing the stress, tensions and traumas stored in your body, you often tell me you feel a "new and unknown sensation of physical and mental relaxation", even the feeling of being all limp 🫠

Today I wanted to explain how this happens.


Why might you feel tired when you start to release and heal your nervous system?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it's perfectly normal to feel tired once you start to feel safe. It's a sign that your body has finally let down its guard, allowing the parasympathetic system to take over and regulate.

In moments of stress or trauma, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin, which keep you alert and ready for action. However, when safety is restored, your body begins a process called nervous system "regulation". It's like pressing the "reset" button.

So if you find yourself in that regulation phase where you feel tired, know that it's perfectly natural.

I know it's uncomfortable, and that it can activate so-called "protective" parts of you that are fighting against this unknown state of calm and relaxation, but don't stop now: the signs of healing are there!

Be gentle and patient with yourself: remember that your body may be coming out of months or even decades of old stress/tension/alertness patterns, so give it time and continue to offer it the space to recover, at its own pace ❤️‍🩹

Why is it so uncomfortable for you to rest or slow down...?

Similarly, if the "base" state of your nervous system is sympathetic, then the fight/flight response has become your default state. Following trauma or a period of chronic stress, your body may remain "stuck" in a state of constant alertness and vigilance 🆘

This may be the case if :

✨you're constantly busy

✨are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep

✨your thoughts are racing

✨you're constantly on edge

✨you feel physical tension

✨you have inexplicable physical pains

✨you feel persistent worry or fear

✨you get easily irritated or agitated

Not easy to counter when our society normalises stress and values hyper-productive people who never stop to work or serve their families... 🙄

The problem is that even when you try to rest, you can't...

Your body is so used to stress hormones that it constantly seeks out, even provokes, situations to stay in this familiar and reassuring state of permanent "stress / activation / tension / alertness" 🌪️

That's why it's hard for you to rest, to slow down, even to take care of yourself, to know what you need and what really gives you pleasure.

Why do you have anxiety when you're healing?

If you're on a healing path where you're working with the body, still feeling anxious doesn't mean you're doing things wrong: it simply means that your system hasn't yet fully integrated the fact that the danger has passed (often, trauma is a mixture of complex trauma, shock and chronic stress, so it doesn't happen overnight! ).

It can also mean that parts of you that were frozen are waking up and starting to feel again (behind the frozen state lies sympathetic activation, i.e. anxiety).

It's important to have these things explained to you, so that you can stay in control of your experience.

From the bottom of my heart,



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This week I'm sharing a simple exercise to reduce and prevent muscle tension, often caused by mental stress and anxiety


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