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The missing part of the puzzle...

Throughout 2023, my fascination and passion for the world of somatic therapy has continued to grow.

It enabled me to get out of a state of acute and chronic stress, accompanied by a complete freeze in my body and mind. I wanted to develop projects, but I felt stuck, powerless, drained, incapable of moving towards my goal. I was paralysed: my nervous system was on constant alert 🫨

I'll have so many things to tell you, to pass on to you... my body is bubbling with excitement and I'm really looking forward to finally being able to propose private somatic movement coaching sessions on- and offline ! 🤩

The somatic therapy approach that I now practise in symbiosis with yoga, guided relaxation and breath work is still relatively unknown in Europe (although it was developed in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century by practitioners such as Alexander and Feldenkrais). Yet it is both powerful and disconcertingly simple! 🌟

What is Somatic Therapy ?

Somatics uses both practical movement techniques and self-care to teach the nervous system how to release chronic muscle contraction and relearn natural, effective postures and movements. The movements are extremely slow and gentle and suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

It is an active practice (as opposed to a passive one where a practitioner manipulates our body), allowing our nervous system to integrate the learning directly. This is what makes this practice so effective in creating lasting change in our bodies and our brain’s plasticity.

The benefits of Somatic Therapy

It helps to unravel our habits of physical and psychological tension, which are at the root of our pain and restrictions: by moving gently and consciously, we change our body and our mind!

Somatic movement encourages brain plasticity, i.e. our nervous system's ability to change patterns and habits by reorganising the way it does things. Having a flexible brain improves the way we move our muscles, the way we perceive balance, the way we react to external stress or the way we perceive fatigue, hunger and emotion.

A reorganised brain can contribute to the way we react to perceived threats. This is very important for anyone suffering from chronic pain or high sensitivity (HSP), as it can change the way we perceive the world around us.

Thanks to mastering this self-care practice I've started to see my life change little by little, as I'm making wiser and clearer choices about my well-being and my plans 🎯🙌🏼

Conditions it can help with

✨ Pain and stress management or alleviation

✨ Nervous system calming and regulation

✨ Anxiety, worry, despair and mental health concerns

✨ Sexual health and pelvic floor issues

✨ Difficulties with smooth or fluid movement

✨ Meeting loss and grief


Because there's no such thing as a stress-free life, the private somatic movement coaching sessions I offer are designed to help you to:

  • Release stress to prevent it from taking hold in your system and generating tension and chronic pain

  • Understand how your nervous system works

  • Develop your resilience and find the right tools to manage stress effectively

  • Regain more energy for your work, your leisure activities, your relationships and everything else you enjoy doing

  • Have the tools you need to tackle everyday situations with relaxed alertness, greater calm and confidence

And start to see positive changes appear in your life in unexpected and magical ways...!

So if you're ready to have fun and feel better, I can't wait to meet you, on- or offline.

Ready to change your life? 🧙🏼


Youtube practice of the week 🎥

Join me for a somatic relaxation practice that will help you put down your thoughts and stress for a better night's sleep 🧘🏻‍♀️


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