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Set your New Year's Intentions

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

On this very first day of the New Year 2023 I wanted to share with you how I like to close the year to make room for sending fresh intentions to the Universe, taking into account the past year.

I've been religiously cultivating this time of introspection at the end of the year for just a few years now, and I can tell you that it changes everything!

First of all, this space that we create within ourselves helps immensely to make 'peace' - especially when the past year has been tough and full of challenges. Because if we're not at peace and don't fully accept what we've been through, then we're in resistance. And when we resist our current reality, it's impossible for us to create a new one - no matter how much we want to. Perhaps you've heard the saying "everything I resist, persists"? That's exactly what it is. Either we swim with the flow of life or we fight against the tide.

If you feel that there are things that you are resisting from the past year, I invite you to take a few moments to sit down and, after having fully and completely relaxed your entire body, visualise the past year and feel inside yourself what is "blocking", what emotions run through you when you think back on certain events. When does your body contract? Are there times when you feel paralysed? Do you feel angry, sad or annoyed about a particular experience? Observe your body and your emotions, without judging or condemning yourself or others. Stay in this quiet space and breathe until you feel lighter, calmer and more at peace.

Then I invite you to take a moment to thank the past year for all it has brought you, in terms of happiness and challenges, because it is a real launching pad for everything you wish for in this New Year to come. Without 2022, 2023 wouldn't be possible. Realise that you're exactly where you need to be, that everything is right in the divine order - even if you don't yet understand why this is so and why you are where you are today 💖

Here are a few questions I like to ask myself to start the New Year with Clarity, Courage and, above all, from the Heart (I'm sharing my answers with you in the hope that they might help you to review your own situation).

An instrospective writing exercise

1) What have I achieved this year? What am I proud of?
  • The launch of my first online programme, "Mind/Body Reset".

  • The completion of an ambitious fundraising campaign to be able to move the Equiflow animal shelter from Belgium to Portugal

  • The administrative management to move the tribe (papers for the horses, dogs, cat and us - their human guardians 🙃)

  • Providing financial support for the entire tribe since we left Belgium

2) What have been (and continue to be) my main challenges?
  • My fears and blockages in relation to what my heart would like to bring into the world (fear that it won't please / that there won't be any interest, fear of not living up to my visions, fear of disappointing, fear of failing...)

  • Dare to assert myself / take my place, without being afraid of no longer being loved or of hurting people's feelings

  • My limiting beliefs about money and financial abundance

  • My diet (which I neglected during these months of transition, losing my bearings and many of my good habits)

  • My self-esteem and self-respect, my self-love (neglect, harshness towards myself, a lot of judgement)

3) What I'd like to stop / what I'd like to work on next year
  • Self-criticism / self-flagellation

  • Survival mode / enduring my life

  • A day job that robs me of vital energy

  • Social and emotional isolation since we moved home

  • Consuming content on social networks (sometimes generating envy) vs. creating and sharing my own experiences and learnings

4) What I want to continue or resume
  • A healthy, balanced diet 🥗

  • Yoga and meditation every morning 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • Love and our relationship with Andy (complicity and affection) 💑

  • A social life 👭

  • My passion (movement coaching through yoga / pilates / dance and meditation)

  • Dog training lessons with the little Portuguese dog we fostered in October, "Milagre" 🐕

  • Writing (via my blog and social networks) ✍️

  • Retreats here in Portugal (edition 2 + 3)

  • Dancing, with and Andy and for ME! 💃

5) What I want to start next year
  • One or two new freelance contracts related to my passions (well-being, coaching, spirituality, the animal world, etc.) 👩‍💻

  • Online classes in yoga / pilates / ...

  • Cultivating self-esteem and consideration for myself

  • Connecting with my family in Portugal 👪

  • Creating with Joy and Confidence

  • Setting up a shelter (Portuguese structure) for Equiflow's animals, with a system of recurring donations to be able to meet their needs, pamper them 🥰

6) My intention 2023

Make a "RESET"; truly dare starting afresh here in Portugal after these months of transition and family losses, without reinventing the wheel but rather starting from everything that is already there, in me and around me, with Confidence, Faith and Love for all that is 💗

2023 will be a year placed under the sign of CONCRETISATIONS, in JOY and with FAITH.

I wish you all the best,

From the bottom of my heart,



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