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From Performance to Peace

Unlike a lot of women, I always thought I had a good relationship with my body: I had no worries about its appearance, its weight, its size, its proportions... everything was fine in the best of worlds.

Except that I had an annoying tendency to push it to its limits, to work like hell, to always surpass myself and want to be the best, the first in class, the perfect little girl.

I totally ignored all its messages until I was in my thirties, when it went on general strike.

Even my leisure activities after work consisted of strenuous sports sessions, designed to soothe my incessant mind and help me fall asleep from physical exhaustion 🫠

I regularly forgot to eat and take breaks because I was pushing so hard towards my goals and wanted to finish all my tasks before the deadlines.

I could spend hours sitting at the office without taking a break, downing one coffee after another to stay awake despite the feeling of mental fog 💤

And the list goes on...

All in all, not very respectful! 💁🏻‍♀️

Just goes to show how quickly we tell ourselves a lot of rubbish when it comes to feeling less guilty about ourselves.

In seven years of exploration and body and energy work, I've transformed this 'performance vehicle' into my haven of peace.

What a relief it was to stop chasing titles, awards and external recognition to the point of exhaustion... and find what I really wanted:


Because, yes, it can only be found on the inside and never on the outside.

No action, no object, no person, no title can bring it to you.

Only you can do it, through your most precious and wisest life partner: your body.

What's your relationship with your body?

I invite you to dare to be more attentive to your body and its needs this month.

To give yourself the grace to press "pause" to signal to your nervous system that "everything's OK, I'm safe, you can relax now".

If you'd like to take a gentle moment just for yourself and experience some rejuvenating rituals in the company of other souls in search of something gentler, I invite you to join the end-of-year Workshop-Ritual (online) for a moment of pure relaxation to connect with your body and your vision.


Upcoming events

End-of-year ritual workshop: Saturday 30/12 from 10-11.30am

An online workshop to unwind your mind and body, take stock, let go gently and look forward to the future 🕊️


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