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Do you know where you're going?

Do you have a clear vision of where you want to be in the New Year? What do you want to experience, achieve, change perhaps?

I don't believe in "good resolutions" - in fact, I've never made any. But I do know the creative power of a clear vision, guided by the heart and gut (not the head).

2023 showed me exactly that: the power of a crystal-clear intention, born from the depths of my gut, stated aloud (in front of witnesses) and put down in writing.

And the result? Just as I had written it down:

For the past 5 months, "I've been living in Portugal, close to my family, on a plot of land big enough to shelter the horses and other animals of the animal sanctuary we've set up, with a view out over the ocean".

However, when I wrote it, I couldn't believe it... it was too good to be true! And yet, life has given us this opportunity (you just have to dare to jump in with both feet and take risks when the opportunity presents itself).

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to take stock, to make room so that we can send fresh intentions to the Universe, taking into account what we've learned and experienced over the past year.

In the guided creative visualisation I'm offering you this week, I invite you to take a few moments to relive the past year and make room for renewal.

Thank 2023 for all it has brought you, in happiness and in challenges, for it is a true launching pad for everything you wish for in this New Year to come. Without 2023, there would be no 2024. Realise that you're in the right place, that all is right in the divine order - even if you don't yet understand why this is so and why you are where you are today.

Here are a few questions I like to ask myself to start the New Year with Clarity, Courage and above all with Heart (I'll also share some with you in the visualization, which will help you project yourself):

  1. What have I accomplished this year? What am I proud of?

  2. What have been (and continue to be) my main challenges?

  3. What do I wish to stop/what do I no longer wish to experience?

  4. What do I want to continue, resume, start, deepen?

  5. What is my intention for 2024?

I hope these few questions will help you to see (even) more clearly. I wish you all the best for your personal growth and development in 2024.

From the bottom of my heart,



Coming up soon (in French)

Atelier Ancrage & Sécurité - 21 janvier

Viens cultiver ton espace intérieur de paix et de sécurité, accessible n'importe quand, n'importe où grâce à ton plus fidèle compagnon: ton CORPS


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