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Regulate your nervous system

For specialists, the notion of nervous system regulation most often involves striking the right balance between the sympathetic nervous system (associated with the "fight-flight response", which pushes us to react) and the parasympathetic nervous system (associated with the rest, recovery and digest response).

Both are necessary. For a long time, the sympathetic nervous system had the bad reputation of triggering the stress response. Yet it's also what enables you to run and dance. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, allows you to rest and get back on your feet the next day.

In theory, the two systems work in harmony, like yin and yang. However, this harmony is disrupted when you're constantly on the go: the sympathetic nervous system is continuously stimulated by the ever-present feeling of stress.

Regulating the nervous system is a real chance to refocus, ground ourselves, find balance, connect to our inner wealth and thus blossom fully.

If you're a hypersensitive and hyperemotional person (welcome to the club!), it's all the more essential for you to have a regular practice that enables you to regulate your nervous system, to unload the "overflow", to come back to yourself, to refocus and bring down the pressure to avoid emotional and sensory burn-out.

Of course, this doesn't happen overnight and, like everything else, requires regularity and practice. But the good news about the somatic exercises I'm proposing here is that "less is more": there's no need to practice for too long (5-10 minutes is enough) and, above all, it's best to be totally relaxed during these moments that are all yours. So, for once, put your ambition and perfectionism aside, make yourself as comfortable as possible and try to enjoy it to the max!

Repeat without moderation (even just one exercise at a time from those I show you in this video), for maximum benefits and soothing :) 


With love,

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